VIDEO: SM Entertainment Artists Learn 'Power Up' Dance from Red Velvet

Aug 8, 2018

VIDEO: SM Entertainment Artists Learn 'Power Up' Dance from Red Velvet
K-pop boy groups TVXQ!'s U-KNOW Yunho, SHINee's MINHO, and girl group Girls' Generation's Yoona perfectly covered girl group Red Velvet's dance for its latest track 'Power Up'.

On August 8, Red Velvet shared videos of U-KNOW Yunho, MINHO, and Yoona learning so-called the 'baby shark dance' and 'wavy dance' from Red Velvet.SM Entertainment ArtistsIn the video of Red Velvet with U-KNOW Yunho, he walks towards the members of Red Velvet and comments on Red Velvet's concert that he had just seen.

He said, "Wow, that was really awesome! Red Velvet's the best."

Then, Red Velvet suddenly asks, "In that case, do you want to learn the dance for 'Power Up' from us?".

He looked a little surprised by Red Velvet's unexpected suggestion, but he passionately learns the dance from the group.

In the video of MINHO learning the dance, Red Velvet's member SEULGI stands next to MINHO then shows the dance to him.

MINHO looked confused at first, but soon turns himself into a perfect baby shark.

He even starts playfully goes around making a fin over his head and embarrasses SEULGI.
In the video of Yoona learning the dance, SEULGI also demonstrates the dance in front of Yoona.

Yoona carefully watches the moves before copying the moves.

Only after catching a glimpse of SEULGI's dance, Yoona manages to perfectly pull off the 'wavy dance'.

SEULGI exclaims in surprise, "How are you this good, unnie?".

Yoona replies with a laugh, "I'm Girls' Generation, you know."

Although it was the first time doing the dance for all them, they firmly established themselves as fast learners of new dance moves.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet is spending restless days as the promotion for its new mini album 'Summer Magic' began on August 6.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'redvelvet.smtown' Instagram)

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