VIDEO: IN2IT Humorously Apologizes 'Sorry For My English'

Aug 9, 2018

VIDEO: IN2IT Humorously Apologizes 'Sorry For My English'
K-pop boy group IN2IT mesmerized the audience with its humorous charms.

On August 5 episode of SBS 'Inkigayo', IN2IT brightened the stage up with the track 'Sorry For My English'.IN2ITIN2IT'Sorry For My English' is the title track of IN2IT's second single album 'Into The Night Fever'.

Lyrically, it describes a man tempting his foreign crush with his dance moves instead of words because he doesn't speak English.IN2ITOn this day, the viewers started to laugh as the members show their fancy dancing to addictive chorus singing, "Sorry for my English."IN2ITThe members of IN2IT all filled the stage with their relaxed dancing moves and powerful singing, making the stage like a disco dance party scene.IN2ITCheck out IN2IT's enjoyable stage below!

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= SBS Inkigayo)

(SBS Star)