Jay Park & Halsey Hanging Out Together in Seoul!

Aug 9, 2018

Jay Park & Halsey Hanging Out Together in Seoul!
Korean-American hip-hop artist Jay Park and American singer Halsey were spotted hanging out together in Seoul.

On August 7, Jay Park and Halsey both shared the same picture on their social media accounts.

In the picture, Jay Park and Halsey are at a Korean-style pub, and Halsey comfortably leans against Jay Park's shoulders.
Jay Park and HalseyIn the caption, Jay Park wrote in English, "Halsey is such an awesome performer. Halsey and her whole team are all great people. I had to teach them soju(Korean liquor) the veteran way."

Halsey also wrote a short caption with the picture, "A soju novice turned pro."

It is assumed that the two stars met while Halsey was in Korea for her concert on August 6.

As it is unknown how and when the two got to know each other, many fans have been expressing their curiosity after the picture was uploaded.

They have been leaving comments such as, "What? Since when Jay Park and Halsey were close?", "Jay oppa, can you teach me soju as well?", "Perhaps a collaboration one day?", and more.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'jparkitrighthere' 'iamhalsey' Instagram)

(SBS Star)