Park Bo Young Honestly Speaks About Her Dating Style

Aug 9, 2018

Park Bo Young Honestly Speaks About Her Dating Style
Korean actress Park Bo Young revealed her dating style in an interview.

On August 9, Park Bo Young talked about behind stories of her latest movie 'On your wedding day' in an interview.

Park Bo Young said she asked her older sister, who recently got married for advices on romantic acting.

She said, "I asked my sister about the difference between just good feeling and love. She said there's something more emotionally moving when she met her husband. I thought I was in love with somebody when I was dating, but I think I was wrong."Park Bo YoungShe continued, "While filming the movie 'On Your Wedding Day', I thought a lot about the guy that I liked for the first time. Looking back, however, there's no one that I would call as my real first love. I realized a lot of things this time."Park Bo YoungPark Bo Young also talked about her dating style in her real life.

She said, "I give everything to the guy when I'm dating someone. I usually put up with my partner when there is a personality conflict. I don't want to do that anymore. I think it's time for me to be a 'bad girl' in relationship."Park Bo YoungPark Bo Young also shared her thoughts on her personality, "I think Seung-hee (Park Bo Young's role in 'On your wedding day') is very attractive. There are some parts in my personality that I want to change, and my dating style is one of them. I've always wanted to change my personality. This year, I think I became more self-centered than last year."Park Bo YoungMeanwhile, Park Bo Young's upcoming movie 'On your wedding day' is set to premiere in theaters on August 22.

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