The Most Generous VIXX Member Chosen by LEO?

Aug 9, 2018

The Most Generous VIXX Member Chosen by LEO?
K-pop boy group VIXX's member LEO chose the most generous member among VIXX.

On August 9 episode of MBC FM4U's radio show 'Kim Shin-young's Music Party', LEO appeared on the show as a guest.LEO in Kim Shin-young's Music PartyDuring the quiz game, LEO picked member KEN at once for the question asking, "Who is the most generous member in VIXX?".VIXX KENLEO explained, "KEN buys everything he wants without thinking. He just buys everything from fancy watch to luxury items."

LEO also surprised former K-pop boy group god's members Son Ho Young and Danny Ahn by mentioning god's 'War of Rose' (literal title).

The special host of the show Danny Ahn commented, "Few people know this song as it was just a side-track. Even I can't recall the start of 'War of Rose'. You must have been a real fan of god."LEO in Kim Shin-young's Music PartyLEO sang one verse from 'War of rose' and made Danny Ahn and Son Ho Young smile delightedly.

Meanwhile, LEO released his first solo album 'CANVAS' on July 31 and is currently focusing on the promotions with the title track 'Touch & Sketch'.

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= 'RealVIXX' Facebook, MBC FM4U Kim Shin-young's Music Party)

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