Kim Jong-kook's Niece Mentions Kim Jong-kook·Hong Jin Young's Possible Romance

Aug 9, 2018

Kim Jong-kook's Niece Mentions Kim Jong-kook·Hong Jin Young's Possible Romance
K-pop artist SOYA carefully talked about her uncle, singer Kim Jong-kook, and his relationship with trot singer Hong Jin Young.

On August 8, SOYA spoke about being called 'Kim Jong-kook's niece' before her own name, and her reaction to Kim Jong-kook and Hong Jin Young's suspicious relationship during an interview with a magazine 'bnt'.SOYAFirst, SOYA honestly opened up about some struggles she had as the niece of one of the most popular male singers in Korea.

She said, "I went through a tough time because many people were making hurtful comments. They said that I was using my uncle to gain fame."

She continued, "But I believe that they won't say that to me anymore if more people start to support me. The only solution to this issue is to just work hard on the things I do."SOYA and Kim Jong-kookAfterwards, SOYA was asked about her family's reaction to the traces of romance that are seen between Kim Jong-kook and Hong Jin Young these days.

She answered, "A lot of people actually have asked me about this, but I honestly don't know much about it. Uncle Jong-kook is quite reserved and inexpressive, so I personally think that he'll make a good couple with someone who has a loving and bright personality."SOYA, Kim Jong-kook, Hong Jin YoungRecently, Kim Jong-kook and Hong Jin Young have been attracting great attention from the public after many people spotting them seeming like they have developed feelings towards each other on SBS' popular variety show 'Running Man'.

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