VIDEO: South Club Wants to be a 'GROWN UP'

Aug 9, 2018

VIDEO: South Club Wants to be a 'GROWN UP'
K-pop boy band South Club showed off its hypnotic charisma on its comeback stage.

On August 7 episode of SBS MTV 'The Show', South Club took over the stage with its track 'GROWN UP'.South ClubSouth Club'GROWN UP' is the side track from the group's second mini album '20' released on May 30.

Lyrically, the song describes an immature man's pledge that he will never find his ex-lover again by being a grown up.South ClubNam Tae Hyun, the leader of South Club, sang with gloomy eyes, "You and I were even worse than strangers. I'll be grown up. I'll be grown up."

His unique voice perfectly mingled with the band's soft and gentle instrumental playing and completed a sentimental stage that shows South Club's distinctive musical color.South ClubSouth ClubThe members' dreamy eye gazes and calm facial expressions made the viewers focus solely on their music, and they received huge applause after the stage.

Check out South Club's hypnotic live stage below!

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= SBS MTV The Show)

(SBS Star)