HYOLYN Opens Up About Her Using Tattoo to Cover Scars

Aug 10, 2018

HYOLYN Opens Up About  Her Using Tattoo to Cover Scars
K-pop artist HYOLYN revealed behind story of her tattoo.

On August 9 episode of tvN's variety show 'Life Bar', HYOLYN was invited to join the talk as a guest.

During the show, HYOLYN talked about how she came to have big cross tattoo on her stomach.

She said, "I got the tattoo because of scars from my two surgeries."HYOLYNHYOLYN explained, "I was born with ascites, so I was put on an incubator immediately after birth. I was diagnosed with pediatric cancer."HYOLYNHYOLYNShe continued, "I got a successful surgery but I had to do one more surgery next year because of biliary obstruction. The cross-shaped scar was the biggest complex to me. So I came to think about covering the scar with the tattoo."
HYOLYNHYOLYNHYOLYN also shared, "Parents who have kids suffering from biliary atresia often send mails to me. They say they get strength from me and my music. So I decided to encourage them by working on my music harder."HYOLYNMeanwhile, HYOLYN made a comeback as a solo artist with the title track 'SEE SEA' on July 20.

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= 'xhyolynx' Instagram, tvN LIfe Bar)

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