BTS SUGA Can Foretell the Future of BTS?

Aug 10, 2018

BTS SUGA Can Foretell the Future of BTS?
K-pop boy group BTS' member SUGA is spotlighted for his past remarks.

Recently, BTS' management agency Bit Hit Entertainment announced that BTS is holding a stadium show at NYC Citi Field on October 6 for the first time as a K-pop act.

Following the news, SUGA's past remarks are back into the spotlight in online communities.

During the press conference for BTS' comeback last May, SUGA said, "I want BTS to top Billboard 200 and Hot 100 Charts. I want to have a stadium show and attend the Grammy Awards."BTS SUGAAfter this interview, BTS actually has topped the Billboard 200 chart and came to perform at the stadium just like SUGA had said.BTS SUGAThis is not the first time for SUGA to predict BTS' future.

BTS' fans give SUGA nickname of 'Minstradamus' (compound word of SUGA's real name Min Yoon-gi and Nostradamus) because a lot of things that SUGA had discussed before really came true.

In a variety show produced by Bit Hit Entertainment back in 2015, SUGA said, "I heard that one should dream big. I want to have a concert in Jamsil Sports Complex, Seoul."

Indeed, BTS is now set to hold its upcoming concert in Jamsil Sports Complex on August 25 and 26.BTSAlso, the lyrics of SUGA's mix tape 'August D' released in 2016 says, " My next goal is Billboard."

Like the lyrics written by SUGA, BTS won 'Top Social Artist' award of Billboard Music Awards for two consecutive years of 2017 and 2018.BTSWith its endless efforts, BTS has achieved SUGA's goals one by one.

The last goal mentioned by SUGA, whether BTS would really make it to the Grammy Awards, is being watched with keen interest.

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= 'bangtan.official' Facebook, SBS funE)

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