Members of iKON Complain About B.I's Picky Producing

Aug 10, 2018

Members of iKON Complain About B.I's Picky Producing
K-pop boy group iKON mentioned about the producing style of B.I, the group's leader.

On August 9 airing of SBS Power FM radio show 'Cultwo Show', iKON was invited to the show as a guest.

During the talk, the host of the show asked, "Does B.I do directing himself when you guys record the track?".

B.I replied, "Yes, I do it myself." and his fellow member JU-NE teasingly added, "He is really picky and tiring. The members call it 'B.I is boiling us down.'"iKONB.I explained, "I think my song should resemble my feeling and style. I always have a picture that I draw when I'm producing."

He added with laugh, "In case of 'LOVE SCENARIO', that picture was well shown in the track. I boiled down the members a lot. They almost boiled down to canned food."iKONMeanwhile, iKON came back with its new title track 'KILLING ME' on August 2, and is currently focusing on the promotion activities.

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= SBS Power FM Cultwo Show, 'OfficialYGiKON' Facebook, 'shxxbi131' Instagram)

(SBS Star)