KARD Reveals Funny Behind Story On Its Group Name

Aug 10, 2018

KARD Reveals Funny Behind Story On Its Group Name
K-pop co-ed group KARD revealed the behind story of the group's name.

On August 10 airing of MBC FM4U's radio show 'The Date with Ji Suk Jin at 2PM' (literal translation), KARD made an appearance as a guest.KARDDuring the show, the host of the show Ji Suk Jin asked how the group's name 'KARD' was made.

The members of KARD answered that it was a name chosen by the agency.

A member of the group J.SEPH said, "When I first hear the group's name, I just thought 'Huh, what is this?'. I was a bit ashamed to tell the name 'KARD' elsewhere. Well, of course I like it now!".

His fellow member JIWOO also added, "When I had to tell my parents my group's name, I added long explanation on the name 'KARD'. They asked me if it was a confirmed name."KARDLater on, Ji Suk Jin asked, "Was there any other candidates for your group name?".

Other members BM and SOMIN answered that there were no other names.KARDThen all four members added, "We couldn't tell we don't like the name because all people in the agency loved the name."

They made the audience laugh out loud saying, "We didn't do anything because fair is fair, after all."

Meanwhile, KARD has returned with the title track 'Ride on the Wind' on July 25.

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= MBC FM4U The Date with Ji Suk Jin at 2PM, 'officialkard' Facebook)

(SBS Star)