SEUNGRI Reveals How Popular G-DRAGON Was Among Girl Groups

Aug 13, 2018

SEUNGRI Reveals How Popular G-DRAGON Was Among Girl Groups
K-pop boy group BIGBANG's member SEUNGRI revealed how popular the leader of the group G-DRAGON was among members of girl groups in the past.

On August 11 episode of tvN's variety show 'Salty Tour', SEUNGRI appeared as one of the special tour guides of a Chinese city Xiamen.

While in the restaurant waiting for the food to come out, SEUNGRI started off a story by telling girl group gugudan's member SEJEONG, "I was so arrogant after the success of my solo track 'STRONG BABY'. I even thought I could succeed just as much without the members of BIGBANG. You have to be extra careful at that age. You can become super arrogant."SEUNGRIHe continued, "Your agency allows you to use your phone now, right? From now on, you are going to start getting a lot of calls and messages from people who are interested in you. The messages will say things like, 'I'm this person from this group, and I would like to get to know you better.' with hearts and smiley faces."SEUNGRIWhen the cast accused of SEUNGRI talking about his own experience as if it is someone else's, he explained, "It really isn't my experience. G-DRAGON used to get so many of them from girl group members. I don't know how they found out his phone number, but they kept contacting him."SEUNGRIHe continued, "G-DRAGON used to brag about it to me as well. He used to ask me, 'This person messaged me. What shall I do?'. I thought, 'Why on earth are you asking me that?'".SEUNGRIHe added, "At that time, I thought I might also receive those kinds of calls and messages that I would answer all calls from unknown numbers, which many people usually don't tend to do. My heart would flutter every time I received a call from an unknown number. There was this one time when I received a call from another boy group FTISLAND's member Choi Jong Hoon. I always received calls and messages from boy group members and never from girl group members."SEUNGRIThen, singer Jung Joon Young, a close friend of SEUNGRI, revealed that SEUNGRI is the kind of guy who makes a move first before girls called or messaged him.

SEUNGRI agreed and said, "That is true. I usually like to move first. If a girl approaches to me first, then I would start to build up a suspicion that the girl wants something from me or something."

Meanwhile, SEUNGRI has released his first-ever solo album 'THE GREAT SEUNGRI' on July 20.

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