Super Junior HeeChul & Son Dam Bi Call Each Other 'My Boy' & 'My Girl'?

Aug 13, 2018

Super Junior HeeChul & Son Dam Bi Call Each Other 'My Boy' & 'My Girl'?
K-pop boy group Super Junior's member HeeChul and K-pop artist Son Dam Bi revealed that they used to call each other 'My boy' and 'My girl'.

On August 12, Son Dam Bi guested on JTBC's variety show 'Knowing Brothers' and talked about her relationship with HeeChul.

As the talk went on, one of the hosts Kang Ho-dong raised his suspicion over HeeChul and Son Dam Bi's relationship as they seemed to know each other so well.Knowing BrothersKang Ho-dong said, "HeeChul seems to look at Dam Bi with eyes full of love, and when Dam Bi looked at HeeChul, she looked at him with some jealousy in her eyes."

Lee Sang Min also joined in and said, "Actually, I had some barbecue with HeeChul about four to five years ago. It was really late at night. At that time, HeeChul called Dam Bi to join us, and she literally came to the restaurant in 15 minutes."Knowing BrothersKang Ho-dong added, "The most notable thing is that HeeChul calls Dam Bi 'My girl', and Dam Bi calls HeeChul 'My Boy'.", making the other hosts question their friendship even more.

Son Dam Bi quickly explained, "We did use to call each other that when we were younger, but not anymore. We really are just friends. We've been friends for like 14 years."Knowing BrothersWhen the hosts asked HeeChul and Son Dam Bi whether if they ever had a feeling towards the other person, they both cleared up a misunderstanding by saying, "No, not even once."Knowing BrothersKnowing BrothersMeanwhile, 'Knowing Brothers' airs every Saturday at 9PM KST.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'xodambi' 'kimheenim' Instagram, JTBC Knowing Brothers)

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