BTOB Members Burst Into Tears During 'This Is Us' Concert

Aug 13, 2018

BTOB Members Burst Into Tears During 'This Is Us' Concert
K-pop boy group BTOB's members broke into tears at their last concert as a full group before the leader, Seo Eunkwang's military enlistment.

On August 10 to 12, BTOB held its '2018 BTOB TIME -THIS IS US-' concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena, Seoul.
BTOBBTOBThe seven members of BTOB didn't disappoint their fans throughout the concert, as they powerfully showcased their group performances as well as various solo stages.
BTOBBTOBFor the very last stage of the solo performances, Seo Eunkwang performed 'Letter from a Private', making fans break into tears with his song choice upon his upcoming enlistment.

After singing, Seo Eunkwang asked fans not to cry and promised that he will come back healthy.

Then another member Lee Minhyuk said that this concert will be his last concert before enlistment as well, as he also plans to enlist in the military soon.

BTOB's youngest member Yook Sungjae said, "Our fans will always listen to and like our music. We grow older together, so age is not an issue."
BTOBDuring the closing remarks, Seo Eunkwang tearfully added, "I really didn't want to cry. I will repay everyone with amazing performances. Also, I am looking forward to when I'm in the military. I'm curious about what BTOB will be like without me, and how the group's musical color will change."

Meanwhile, Seo Eunkwang is confirmed to enlist in the military on August 21.

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