Cho Seung-woo Praises Ji Sung on His Strong Work Ethics

Aug 13, 2018

Cho Seung-woo Praises Ji Sung on His Strong Work Ethics
Korean actor Cho Seung-woo highly praised actor Ji Sung's work ethics.

On August 13, Cho Seung-woo and Ji Sung attended a press conference for their upcoming film 'Myung-dang' with other cast members and the director.Ji Sung and Cho Seung-wooDuring the press conference, Cho Seung-woo mentioned what it was like working with Ji Sung.

He commented, "After looking at Ji Sung, I came to realize how lazy I was. Ji Sung is always so focused at work. Even when we were pulling an all-nighter, he would stay up listening to music without completely relaxing, then would get up right away when he needed to rehearse."

He added, "Another actor You Jae Myung and I were amazed about that. I learned countless things from Ji Sung while working together."Ji Sung and Cho Seung-wooIn turn, Ji Sung also made a complimentary comment about Cho Seung-woo.

The actor said, "My wife and I went to see 'Jekyll & Hyde' the musical, and we completely fell in love with Cho Seung-woo. I'm shy to say this, as we are both guys, but I really like this guy. I had a great time shooting a movie with him." Ji Sung and Cho Seung-wooThe story of 'Myung-dang' depicts conflicts and greeds of people in the Joseon dynasty over one particular propitious site.

The movie is set to premiere in theaters on September 19.

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