Ju Ji Hoon Reveals He Lost His Passport on His Way to Cannes

Aug 13, 2018

Ju Ji Hoon Reveals He Lost His Passport on His Way to Cannes
Korean actor Ju Ji Hoon talked about the time when he lost his passport while traveling to the Cannes Film Festival as an invitee for a film 'The Spy Gone North'.

On August 13 episode of SBS LOVE FM's radio show 'Sister's Radio', Ju Ji Hoon mentioned his journey to Cannes in May that was filled with horrific incidents.Ju Ji HoonJu Ji Hoon said, "I went on the plane feeling all hyped up about going to Cannes. As alcoholic drinks are given free of charge on the plane, I started drinking a lot while on the plane. Then, all of a sudden, the excitement turned into tiredness. On top of that, I have gout, and it worsened after heavy drinking. I had to rely on my emergency medicine until I got back."Ju Ji HoonHe continued, "Actor Lee Sung-min told me that he was going to spend some time in Paris with his family after attending the festival. I went on about how he needs to be extra careful as there are many pickpockets in France for like two hours. But I was the one who ended up losing a passport."Ju Ji HoonThe actor laughingly wrapped up the story, "I almost couldn't make it to my first-ever Cannes Festival. Luckily, someone found my passport, and we bumped into each other at the airport."Ju Ji HoonMeanwhile, an espionage drama movie 'The Spy Gone North' starring Ju Ji Hoon has been released in theaters on August 8.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS LOVE FM Sister's Radio)

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