Lee Yeon Hee Confesses She Was Not Good Enough to Be Girls' Generation

Aug 14, 2018

Lee Yeon Hee Confesses She Was Not Good Enough to Be Girls' Generation
Korean actress Lee Yeon Hee honestly confessed that she was not good enough to be a part of Girls' Generation.

On August 13 episode of tvN/Olive's variety show 'Island Trio 2', Lee Yeon Hee and entertainers Kang Ho-dong and Lee Su-geun had dinner together.

During their dinner, Lee Su-geun brought a guitar and urged Lee Yeon Hee to sing.

Lee Yeon Hee picked tracks of 'A late night in 1994' (literal title) by Jang Hyejin and 'Late Regret' (literal title) by BoBo and showed off her surprising singing ability.

After listening to her singing, Kang Ho-dong commented, "It feels like the wind stop blowing when Lee Yeon Hee starts to sing. If she had made debut as a member of Girls' Generation, she would definitely be a main vocal of the team."Kang Ho DongLee Yeon HeeLee Yeon Hee shyly denied his word and said, "While training with current Girls' Generation members, I realized that I was not good enough." and added, "Even if I had made the debut, I would have sung just one or two verse."Lee Yeon HeeIn the behind interview, Lee Yeon Hee opened up that she used to dream to be a singer as a member of pre-debut group of Girls' Generation.Lee Yeon HeeLee Yeon Hee said, "I still enjoy singing. I like to sing when I'm driving. I listen to music in my home and go to karaoke a lot."

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= tvN/Olive Island Trio 2, 'leeyeonhee' 'girlsgeneration' Facebook)

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