2PM CHANSUNG & VIXX N Confirmed to Lead a Thriller Musical Together

Aug 14, 2018

2PM CHANSUNG & VIXX N Confirmed to Lead a Thriller Musical Together
CHANSUNG from K-pop boy group 2PM and N from another boy group VIXX have been confirmed to play the leading role in a musical.

On August 14, a musical production company Synth Wave announced that CHANSUNG and N have been cast as the lead in the upcoming shows of a musical 'Interview' in Japan.

'Interview' is a mystery thriller musical made in Korea, and first held shows in Japan in 2016.

At that time, the musical was very highly praised by the audience and critics in Japan.CHANSUNG and NIt depicts a thrilling interview between a writer 'Eugene Kim', who wrote a novel about a serial killer titled 'The Death of a Doll', and his new assistant 'Sinclair Gordon', who tries to discover the truth behind the story of 'The Death of a Doll' from him.

According to the production company, the main male character 'Sinclair Gordon' will be played by CHANSUNG and N for shows in Japan.CHANSUNGWhile it is CHANSUNG's first time playing the role in 'Interview', N actually played the role last year as well.

After N was confirmed to play the main character again this year, N expressed his excitement by saying, "I really wanted to play this character again."NAs both CHANSUNG and N have previously demonstrated their great acting skills in various dramas and are two popular stars in Japan, the production company, Japanese press, audience are all looking forward to watching them perform on stage soon.

The shows in Japan for 'Interview' will be held from October 5 until 8 at Hulic Hall Tokyo.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS funE)

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