HyunA Explains Her Boyfriend E'DAWN's 'Always-frail-look'

Aug 14, 2018

HyunA Explains Her Boyfriend E'DAWN's 'Always-frail-look'
K-pop artist HyunA explained why a lot of people think her boyfriend E'DAWN looks sick all the time.

On August 13 episode of SBS funE's variety show 'School Attack 2018', Triple H―HUI, E'DAWN, and HyunA joined the show as guests.

In the beginning of the show when Triple H first made an appearance, one of the hosts Eun Ji Won asked, "E'DAWN, you are not feeling unwell or anything, right?".School Attack 2018E'DAWN answered, "I actually feel great right now, as I slept a lot last night."

Then, Eun Ji Won mentioned E'DAWN's nickname that fans gave him, "I heard that E'DAWN's nickname is 'E-DAWN, the guy with an always-frail-look'. Why is that?"School Attack 2018HyunA explained, "I think people call him that because E'DAWN looks listless, and he also doesn't talk much."School Attack 2018E'DAWN laughingly added, "I heard that nickname from my mom. She got worried about me after seeing a collection of photos online that looked like I was ill. But I'm the healthiest member in this group."School Attack 2018Meanwhile, HyunA and E'DAWN made their 2-year romantic relationship official in the beginning of this month.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS funE 'School Attack 2018', 'hyunah_aa' Instagram)  

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