Park Bo Young & Kim Young-kwang Reveal What They Call Each Other

Aug 14, 2018

Park Bo Young & Kim Young-kwang Reveal What They Call Each Other
Korean actress Park Bo Young and actor Kim Young-kwang revealed what they call each other.

On August 14 episode of SBS POWER FM's 'Cultwo Show', Park Bo Young and Kim Young-kwang made a guest appearance.Park Bo Young and Kim Young-kwangDuring the talk, Park Bo Young and Kim Young-kwang spoke about their upcoming film 'On Your Wedding Day'.

With a smile, Park Bo Young introduced the movie, "It's about first love, so I believe many people will be able to relate themselves to the characters. While filming the movie, I got to learn what real first love is."Park Bo Young and Kim Young-kwangThen, the two stars mentioned working together for a romantic comedy movie 'Hot Young Bloods' back in 2014.

Kim Young-kwang shyly revealed the friendly names that they call each other, "It's our first time meeting again after filming 'Hot Young Bloods'. Bo Young calls me 'oppa', and I call her 'Bo Young'."

Park Bo Young added, "In 'Hot Young Bloods', Kim Young-kwang had a big crush on me. In this upcoming movie, he also spoils me with love. Oppa has a great personality. He also loves to play around. We get on really well."Park Bo Young and Kim Young-kwangTheir romance movie 'On Your Wedding Day' is scheduled to hit theaters on August 22.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'cultwoshow' Instagram, SBS POWER FM Cultwo Show)

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