VIDEO: DIA Returns with Perfect Summer Songs 'Like U? Like U!' & 'WooWoo'

Aug 14, 2018

VIDEO: DIA Returns with Perfect Summer Songs 'Like U? Like U!' & 'WooWoo'
K-pop girl group DIA has returned with a new summer mini album!

On August 12 episode of SBS 'Inkigayo', all members of DIA showed off their girlish charm with two different stages.

On this day, DIA performed one of its side tracks 'Like U? Like U!' (literal title) and the title track 'WooWoo'.

Two tracks are both from DIA's fourth mini album 'Summer Ade', which was released on August 9.

Before unveiling its title track, DIA first demonstrated its bright energy with the track 'Like U? Like U!'.

'Like U? Like U!' is a cheerful song with girlish dance moves.DIALyrically, it describes a shy girl's heart-beating confession to her lover boy.DIAThe members showed off their attractive smiles and sang, "ONE, listen to my confession first. TWO, can I walk with you?".

DIA's cute confession made the viewers enchanted to watch its performance.

After the stage of 'Like U? Like U!', DIA unveiled its newest title track 'WooWoo'.

'WooWoo' is a cheerful dance track which bases its genre on Miami bass.DIAThe stage was filled with huge colorful flowers and twinkling small light bulbs at the background.DIADIA members' beautiful smiles were even more shining thanks to their vividly colorful outfits.DIAEspecially, DIA's delicate hand moving gesture in the chorus definitely shook the viewers' heart.

Check out both fascinating stages of DIA!

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= SBS Inkigayo)

(SBS Star)