Park Bo Young Confesses That Kim Young-kwang Gave Her Butterflies

Aug 16, 2018

Park Bo Young Confesses That Kim Young-kwang Gave Her Butterflies
Korean actress Park Bo Young confessed that actor Kim Young-kwang gave her butterflies.

On August 14 episode of SBS 'Han Bam', Park Bo Young and Kim Young-kwang sat down for an interview to discuss their upcoming romance film 'On Your Wedding Day'.

During the interview, the interviewer mentioned the great height difference between them that created online buzz after people spotting them standing next to each other at a recent press conference for their movie.Park Bo Young and Kim Young-kwangPark Bo Young honestly commented, "It's not easy to stop my heart from fluttering when looking at Kim Young-kwang's height and big build. It was nice working with such an attractive actor. It really was nice."

She continued, "Kim Young-kwang was able to protect me from getting wet from rain with a box because he is so tall. I felt well-protected."Park Bo Young and Kim Young-kwangPark Bo Young and Kim Young-kwangWhile listening to Park Bo Young, Kim Young-kwang went all shy and made a confession himself as well, "The major reason why I chose to be part of this film was because of Bo Young confirmed her role as the female lead."

The cute chemistry between these two stars during this interview made viewers smile.Park Bo Young and Kim Young-kwangMeanwhile, 'On Your Wedding Day' is scheduled to hit theaters on August 22.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS Han Bam, SBS funE)

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