Red Velvet WENDY Has 50 Rooms in Her House?

Aug 16, 2018

Red Velvet WENDY Has 50 Rooms in Her House?
K-pop girl group Red Velvet's JOY surprised the audience by making a joke on her fellow member WENDY.

On August 16 episode of SBS Power FM radio show 'Choi Hwa-jeong's Power Time', all five members of Red Velvet made a guest appearance.Red VelvetOn this day, Red Velvet members picked YERI as 'the weakest member at heat'.

YERI even revealed a behind episode that she even vomited once because of the heat while shooting a music video.Red Velvet YERIOn the other hand, IRENE was picked as 'the strongest member to the heat'.

JOY said, "IRENE and I enjoy the heat. The air conditioning in IRENE's room once didn't work for a while. She just endured the heat in her room like a sauna."

When all Red Velvet members shared that they all can't bear the cold, the host of the show Choi Hwa-jeong make the audience laugh by saying, "That's because you guys don't have any layer of fat."Red VelvetDuring the talk, SEULGI and WENDY mentioned the trip they went for a television show.

They said, "It was too short. We wanted to stay there and play more with the members."

Then JOY added, "I want to go to WENDY's home in Canada with the members."

WENDY immediately replied, "Come! I can feed you and provide you a home to stay."

JOY teasingly made a joke saying, "I heard there are about 50 rooms in WENDY's house."Red Velvet WENDY and JOYWENDY became bewildered at JOY's joke and said, "JOY, What are you talking about?" and added, "Our family move around a lot. Even myself don't know how many rooms are there in my house right now."

Meanwhile, Red Velvet is currently focusing on promoting its latest title track 'Power Up'.

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= SBS Power FM Choi Hwa-jeong's Power Time, 'redvelvet.smtown' Instagram)

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