TWICE Members Burst Into Laughter After Seeing a Funny T-shirt Worn by Fan

Aug 16, 2018

TWICE Members Burst Into Laughter After Seeing a Funny T-shirt Worn by Fan
The members of TWICE could not stop themselves from laughing out loud after seeing a hilarious t-shirt that one of their fans was wearing.

From August 10 to August 12, 'KCON' took place in Los Angeles.

'KCON' an annual Hallyu (the Korean Wave) convention where the visitors have the opportunity to attend a concert, high-touch session, red carpet event, and other various events depending on the tickets that they purchase.

During TWICE's hi-touch session, the members suddenly burst into laughter when one male fan passed by.

In the captured image, CHAEYOUNG and NAYEON immediately start laughing after taking a look at his t-shirt.TWICEIt turns out it was because he was wearing a custom-made t-shirt with a funny moment of NAYEON printed on it.TWICEThe printed picture is a recent moment of NAYEON when TWICE won a trophy on a music show, and had a special encore performance with some ice in their mouth.

At that time, NAYEON accidentally put in too many ice cubes in her mouth that she stunned herself while monitoring herself.TWICEThis moment was captured on camera, and her surprised chipmunk-like look went viral online for being extremely cute.

The male fan wearing this one-and-only t-shirt surely grabbed TWICE's attention, and fortunately even got to take pictures with his favorite K-pop group.TWICE(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community, KBS Music Bank)

(SBS Star)