WINNER Shares Impression on Its 4-Year Anniversary

Aug 17, 2018

WINNER Shares Impression on Its 4-Year Anniversary
K-pop boy group WINNER has celebrated its four years anniversary since debut.

On August 17, WINNER's management agency YG Entertainment unveiled a poster on WINNER's official social media account to celebrate the anniversary.

The poster shows off the trend looks of four members of WINNER with the number '4' to celebrate their four years since debut.WINNEREach member of WINNER delivered his impression on this meaningful anniversary via its agency.

The leader of the group YOON commented, "I'm very grateful to INNER CIRCLE (WINNER's official fan club) for walking along with us until now. WINNER will continue to be a steady-going group."

HOONY said, "There were both wonderful times and hard times. Looking back, they were all great joy to me because INNER CIRCLE was always with me."WINNERMINO left comment, "I had more than enough happiness for four years. Let's take slow steps together from now on."

Lastly, JINU commented, "Since number '4' is a lucky number for WINNER, 4-year anniversary is more meaningful and special to WINNER,"

He added, "We are able to celebrate 4-year anniversary because INNER CIRCLE was there. Thank you all for remembering and listening to WINNER's music."WINNERWINNER made its debut in 2013 after winning the survival variety show 'WIN: Who Is Next'.

Especially, WINNER was spotlighted in the music scene as it was a boy group from YG Entertainment after 8 years since BIGBANG.WINNERWINNER's songs, from its debut title track 'empty' to its recent mega hit songs 'REALLY REALLY', 'LOVE ME LOVE ME' and 'EVERYDAY', have proved its creative musicality and roaring popularity.

Meanwhile, WINNER is scheduled to hold its world tour starting from 'WINNER 2018 EVERYWHERE TOUR IN SEOUL' at Olympic Gymnastics Arena on August 19 6PM KST.

(Seo Dakyoung, Credt= YG Entertainment)

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