EXO D.O.'s Perfect Transition to a Humble Peasant of Joseon

Aug 17, 2018

EXO D.O.'s Perfect Transition to a Humble Peasant of Joseon
K-pop boy group EXO's member D.O. (Do Kyung-soo) showed perfect transition from mighty prince to a humble commoner.

On August 17, tvN's upcoming romance drama '100 Days My Prince' unveiled more publicity stills of D.O. who turned into an ordinary man of Joseon.

In the pictures, D.O. is in modest appearance of common peasant in Joseon, which is totally different from previously released photos of him wearing noble costume of prince.EXO D.O.Even though his outfits are completely different, D.O.'s deep and shining eyes still show his intelligence.

In the drama, D.O. took the role of flawless prince of Joseon dynasty 'Lee Yul', who turns into 'Won Deuk' after losing his memory by a fatal accident.EXO D.O.'Won Deuk' is called as 'useless man' in the village he gets to stay because he became capable of nothing after losing all his memories.

D.O. will show off his goofy charms as 'Won Deuk', which is totally different from his charisma that comes out from the prince 'Lee Yul'.EXO D.O.'100 Days My Prince' is about love scandal between the crown prince, who was gone missing from the palace for 100 days, and the oldest unmarried woman of the village, who gets to engage to him during that 100 days.

'100 Days My Prince' is set to air its first episode on September 10.

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= tvN 100 Days My Prince)

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