Park Seo Jun & Woo Do Hwan's Upcoming Film Starts Shooting

Aug 17, 2018

Park Seo Jun & Woo Do Hwan's Upcoming Film Starts Shooting
Korean actors Park Seo Jun, Woo Do Hwan and Ahn Sung-ki shared their impression on their upcoming project.

On August 14, the film 'The Divine Fury' has officially cranked in.

'The Divine Fury' is portraying a martial art champion confronting the great evil that stirs the whole world by meeting an exorcist 'Priest Ahn'.

After all preparation stage, 'The Divine Fury' finally has started the shooting with the hottest young actors Park Seo Jun and Woo Do Hwan and a veteran actor Ahn Sung-ki.

Park Seo Jun, who is actively building his careers on both big screen and small screen with various projects, will take the lead as 'Yong-hoo'.

'Yong-hoo' is a world martial art champion who gets to have intense hatred and mistrust towards the world after losing his father by an accident.Park Seo JunHe meets 'Priest Ahn', who cures his nightmare and wound in heart and is swept to an unexpected event with the priest.

The exorcist 'Priest Ahn' is taken by the representative actor of Korea, Ahn Sung-ki.

Priest Ahn is an exorcist who is already exhausted by life-threatening exorcisms, but he gets to notice and chase after the great evil behind increasing possessed people.Ahn Sung-kiEspecially, Park Seo Jun and Ahn Sung-ki are expected to show great chemistry that transcend generation with powerful combination of martial art champion and a priest.

Woo Do Hwan, who made a strong impression through recent dramas and movie, is taking the role of 'Ji-sin'.Woo Do Hwan'Ji-sin' is a mysterious character who has his great talent at seeing one's weakness through and using it.

The director Kim Ju-hwan said, "I will try to make a great film that can be loved by many viewers in next year."

Park Seo Jun commented,"I think it will be a long journey, and the most important thing is everyone's safety during the shooting. I will try my best on my role so that I can make a great help to the movie."Park Seo Jun, Woo Do Hwan, Ahn Sung-kiAhn Sung-ki left comment, "We are all here for 'The Divine Fury'. I want everyone to shoot the movie in one mind and left as one even after the project is over."Park Seo Jun, Woo Do Hwan, Ahn Sung-kiLastly, Woo Do Hwan commented, "I want to make a memorable work with my colleague actors, director and staffs. I will diligently think about how I can make a better project by working on my role."

Meanwhile, 'The Divine Fury' has confirmed its premiere in 2019.

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