VIDEO: South Club Finally Decides to Let Go of an Ex-lover

Aug 17, 2018

VIDEO: South Club Finally Decides to Let Go of an Ex-lover
After the end of the promotion with 'OUTCAST', K-pop boy band South Club has returned with a sentimental track 'GROWN UP'.

On August 14 episode of SBS MTV 'The Show', South Club sorrowfully expressed the feelings of a guy trying to forget his ex-girlfriend through a song titled 'GROWN UP'. South ClubJust like 'OUTCAST', 'GROWN UP' is also from the group's second album '20' that was released on May 30.

In the song, the leader Nam Tae Hyun repeatedly says, "I'll be grown up." after confessing he thought his ex-girlfriend was by his side until recently even though they had broken up years ago.

Then, he reminds himself that they are no longer together, and says he will not think of her anymore.South ClubAfter this performance was aired, a lot of people commented on how relatable the lyrics were.

They made comments such as, "That's totally me. I still hold onto the thoughts of my ex-boyfriend even though we broke up ages ago.", "Anyone with a breakup experience with someone who they had deeply loved would probably be able to relate to this song.", "His words sounded so truthful that they touched my heart.", and so on.South ClubSee if you can relate to the lyrics as well!

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS MTV The Show)

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