VIDEO: BIGFLO's Comeback as a Bad Boy 'Upside down'

Aug 17, 2018

VIDEO: BIGFLO's Comeback as a Bad Boy 'Upside down'
K-pop boy group BIGFLO unveiled its upcoming title track with unforgettable performance.

On August 14 episode of SBS MTV 'The Show', BIGFLO performed to its upcoming title track 'Upside down'.

'Upside down' is the title track of BIGFLO's fifth mini album 'emphasize', which is set to release on August 18 6PM KST.BIGFLOThe viewers of BIGFLO's flawless performance on this day got to wait for the track to be released.

Lyrically, the song portrays a bad guy's confused state of mind, who is trying to hide his mind after getting crush on a woman.BIGFLOThe group's member HIGHTOP participated in rap making.

On this they, BIGFLO started off its performance by EUIJIN's solo dance.BIGFLOEUIJIN's intense dance moves make the stage filled with expectations of the audience, and all five members of BIGFLO appeared on the stage after his dance.

Together, they unveiled the amazing performance 'Upside down' with great teamwork.BIGFLOBIGFLOThe members' black and white looks on this day not just brought out the classic mood but also subtle sensuality from the members.

Check out the hottest stage of BIGFLO below!

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= SBS MTV The Show)

(SBS Star)