Ko Kyoung Pyo Enjoys a Break from the Military

Aug 20, 2018

Ko Kyoung Pyo Enjoys a Break from the Military
Korean actor Ko Kyoung Pyo was spotted enjoying a break from the military.

On August 18, Ko Kyoung Pyo shared a picture of himself on his social media account.

In the picture, he is resting at a cafe, holding a phone in one hand and bitten apple in the other.Ko Kyoung PyoAlthough he has a military haircut, which a lot of people often refer as one haircut that only some people can pull off, his good looks still seem to be evident.Ko Kyoung PyoKo Kyoung Pyo joined the military on May 21, and reportedly has finished his training in third place and received commendation from his divisional commander at the end of his five-week basic training.Ko Kyoung PyoKo Kyoung PyoAfter completing his training, Ko Kyoung Pyo was placed into the ROK Army's 23rd Infantry 'Iron Wall' Division located in Gangwon-do.

The actor is expected to be discharged from the army in February 2020.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'kopular' 'happyo_fanpage' Instagram)

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