Park Bo Young & Kim Young-kwang Depict Real Love

Aug 20, 2018

Park Bo Young & Kim Young-kwang Depict Real Love
Korean actress Park Bo Young and actor Kim Young-kwang continue to portray themselves as the perfect couple.

On August 20, Park Bo Young and Kim Young-kwang's upcoming romance film 'On Your Wedding Day' revealed publicity stills of the two leads together in different seasons.Park Bo Young and Kim Young-kwangIn the pictures, they smile brightly in spite of harsh weather conditions, as if they are just happy as long as they are with each other.

Their happy and loving moments are making a lot of people either miss their past lover or want to fall in love with someone again.Park Bo Young and Kim Young-kwang'On Your Wedding Day' is a romance drama film illustrating the ten-year relationship between two main characters from teenage to adulthood.Park Bo Young and Kim Young-kwangPark Bo Young will be leading the film as 'Seung Hee', who does not believe in first love, but strongly believes in love at first sight.

The male lead 'Woo Yeon' will be played by actor Kim Young-kwang, and his character is someone who believes his first love is the last person to love.Park Bo Young and Kim Young-kwangWoo Yeon develops feelings for Seung Hee while in high school, but he is unsure whether if she feels the same way, so he keeps the feelings to himself.

Then one day, Woo Yeon gets a wedding invitation from Seung Hee.

'On Your Wedding Day' is scheduled to be released in theaters on August 22.

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