NCT LUCAS Reveals How Easy It Was to Pass SM Entertainment's Audition

Aug 20, 2018

NCT LUCAS Reveals How Easy It Was to Pass SM Entertainment's Audition
LUCAS from K-pop boy group NCT revealed that it was easy for him to pass SM Entertainment's audition due to his good looks.

On August 18 episode of JTBC's variety show 'Knowing Brothers', LUCAS revealed a story of how he got into one of the biggest management agencies in Korea―SM Entertainment.

LUCAS said, "My grades in school weren't that great, so I decided to try auditioning just as an experience. That was when SM Entertainment held a global audition in Hong Kong. I signed up for it, and made it through to the finals at one go."Knowing BrothersWhen asked what he did at the audition, LUCAS said, "I wasn't ready for that audition at all, so I just showed them three different poses. I didn't even dance nor sing. But they asked me to come to Korea to begin training."

Lee Soo Geun commented, "He probably didn't prepare anything for it, because he knew his great looks would get him through to the finals anyway. Isn't that right?".

LUCAS laughed and nodded with a wide smile.Knowing BrothersKnowing BrothersKnowing BrothersLater on, during the segment called 'Guess What Kind of Person I Am', LUCAS asked everyone, "When I was 16, I used to go to the restroom very often. Can you guess why that was?".

Then, the cast of 'Knowing Brothers' started throwing in a lot of different answers, but Lee Sang Min got it right in the end.Knowing BrothersLUCAS said, "I used to go to the restroom frequently, because I wanted to keep looking at myself in the mirror. Sometimes, I would take a friend with me, and we would take pictures together there."

Kang Ho-dong said, "So, you knew you were good-looking when you were younger, right? You must have been really popular."

All of a sudden, LUCAS became shy and replied, "Well, yes, a little."Knowing BrothersLUCAS is from Hong Kong, and joined NCT in the beginning of the year.

(Lee Narin, Credit= JTBC Knowing Brothers)

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