Park Bo Young Shares Thoughts About Quitting Her Acting Career

Aug 20, 2018

Park Bo Young Shares Thoughts About Quitting Her Acting Career
Actress Park Bo Young honestly opened up about times when she feels like quitting her job.

On August 19, Park Bo Young sat down for a media interview to promote her upcoming movie 'On Your Wedding Day'.

During the interview, Park Bo Young said that she always feel pressured to improve her acting skills.

Park Bo Young said, "I need to show a better version of myself on every project. However, sometimes I feel like I get stuck with zero improvement."
Park Bo YoungThen Park Bo Young revealed that she actually considers quitting her job as an actress sometimes.

She said, "If my acting skills do not improve at all, I would rather become a farmer and move to a countryside."

She continued, "Recently, I've tried farming in the countryside. When neighbors saw me wearing boots and stuff, they just be like, 'ah, she's from that family' and that's all. Everything's much more comfortable there."
Park Bo YoungPark Bo Young then explained that as long as she keeps trying her best to improve her acting skills, she still has far more things to achieve and to do as an actress even after she turns 30.
On Your Wedding DayMeanwhile, Park Bo Young's new movie 'On Your Wedding Day' premieres on August 22.

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