Cho Jung Seok ♥ GUMMY Shoot Their Wedding Photos in Jeju Island

Aug 21, 2018

Cho Jung Seok ♥ GUMMY Shoot Their Wedding Photos in Jeju Island
Korean actor Cho Jung Seok and singer GUMMY reportedly have finished shooting their wedding photos in Jeju Island.

On August 21, a media outlet reported that Cho Jung Seok and GUMMY made a visit to Jeju Island in the end of July, and shot their wedding photos there.Cho Jung Seok and GUMMYThe report added, "Cho Jung Seok and GUMMY wanted to get it done quietly, so they did not even let their friends and co-workers know about it."

According to this report, the two stars are planning to have a small wedding just with their family as well.Cho Jung Seok and GUMMYBack in June, Cho Jung Seok and GUMMY announced their plan to get married this fall.

The celebrity couple has been together for about five years, and made their relationship official in 2015.Cho Jung Seok and GUMMYUpon hearing the news that they have recently finished shooting their wedding photos, a lot of fans have been expressing their hope to see the photos soon.

They said, "I really can't wait to see the photos!", "They would make the sweetest married couple!", "Why am I tearing up just by thinking about the two shooting their wedding photos together?", and so on. 

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'chojungseok' Official Website, 'cjes.gummy' Facebook)

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