Images Explaining Why JIMIN Is the Most Considerate Member of BTS

Aug 21, 2018

Images Explaining Why JIMIN Is the Most Considerate Member of BTS
All seven members of K-pop boy group BTS are widely known as polite and well-mannered guys.

Nevertheless, it seems like a lot of fans agree that JIMIN is the most considerate one out of the seven members.

Recently, BTS' fans shared images on a popular Korean online community showing JIMIN's kind manners towards fellow members, staff, and even to strangers.

Take a look at the captured moments below, and see if you also agree with the statement that JIMIN is the most considerate member of BTS.

1. Separating disposable chopsticks for JUNGKOOK and J-HOPE, and giving them to the side where they will need to grab them.
JIMIN2. Peeling a boiled egg for SUGA, and leaving some shell on the bottom for him to hold on to the egg easily while eating.
JIMIN3. Putting his hand below while pouring wine for a year-older member, which is a gesture considered polite in Korea.
JIMIN4. Taking care of the group's maknae (the youngest member) by making sure he does not get hit by a car or fall off a boat.
JIMINJIMIN5. Helping the cameraman walk backwards without hitting himself anywhere.
JIMIN6. Holding the door for his fellow members.
JIMIN7. Lifting up a mattress even though his hands are injured, just to help the other members catch a lizard as they are scared of it being around.
JIMIN8. Offering to take pictures for the production crew during a trip for a reality show, for them to remember the moment as well. 
JIMIN9. Not forgetting to thank a security staff at an airport.
JIMIN10. Kindly giving directions to a person in the backstage area, and bowing until he leaves.
JIMIN11. Thanking all dancers and bowing to them after a performance.
JIMIN12. Putting a fallen hat back on to a child's head.
JIMIN13. Handing V the food first without hesitation. JIMIN(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community)

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