Koreans Think Park Bo Gum·Park Bo Young Can Get Job Without Interview

Aug 22, 2018

Koreans Think Park Bo Gum·Park Bo Young Can Get Job Without Interview
Korean actor Park Bo Gum and actress Park Bo Young were chosen as two stars who could easily get a job without having an interview.

Recently, an online employment service 'JOBKOREA' conducted a poll on the question, "Do you think there is this particular appearance of interviewees that interviewers prefer that could get them to a job without making much effort in the interview?", which 67.3% of 993 participants answered that there was.

Finding this result intriguing, 'JOBKOREA' ran another poll that asked, "Which male and female celebrity's appearance do you think would act as a great advantage in an interview?"Park Bo Gum and Park Bo YoungIn this poll, Park Bo Gum was voted the most (27%) among male celebrities, and Park Bo Young was voted the most (30.7%) among female celebrities.

Singer Lee Seung Gi (24.4%), actors Yoo Yeon Seok (21.1%), Park Seo Jun (16.9%), boy group BIGBANG's SEUNGRI (13.3%) came after Park Bo Gum.Lee Seung Gi and Yoo Yeon SeokPark Seo Jun and SEUNGRIFollowing Park Bo Young, actresses Kim Tae Ri (29.5%), Park Shin Hye (23.6%), girl group EXID's HANI (14.7%), singer SOYOU (12%) were chosen.Kim Tae Ri and Park Shin HyeHANI and SOYOUA representative of 'JOBKOREA' stated, "Park Bo Gum and Park Bo Young both have a polite image. All top-ranked celebrities all seemed to have kind and trustworthy looks."

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum is preparing to return in an upcoming romance drama 'Boyfriend', and Park Bo Young will be unveiling her romance film 'On Your Wedding Day' on August 22.

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