f(x) Krystal Becomes the Prettiest Thief with the Best Driving Skills!

Aug 22, 2018

f(x) Krystal Becomes the Prettiest Thief with the Best  Driving Skills!
K-pop girl group f(x)'s member/actress Krystal is starring in the action drama for the first time in her life.

On August 22, Krystal commented about her new drama 'Player' before its premiere.

In the upcoming drama 'Player', Krystal took the female lead as 'Cha A-ryung', who fought to survive on her own since she was young and becomes the best female driver in the nation.f(x) KrystalKrystal said, "At first, I read the script with interest. I really wanted to try new genre of drama. I was fascinated by the character that I've never tried before."

She continued, "She is never loved before and get betrayed by many people. I will become the character who is hiding her deep loneliness inside."f(x) KrystalIn the play, 'Cha A-ryung' teams up with other expert thieves like 'Kang Ha-ri' (Song Seung Heon), 'Im Byeong-min' (Lee Si Eon), and 'Do Jin-woong' (Tae Won Suk) and tries to steal illegally acquired money.

Especially, Krystal performed all stunt scenes in the drama herself.

In the unveiled teaser, she already has shown off her professional driving skills and charisma.f(x) KrystalKrystal lastly commented, "As it is my new try, I learn and think a lot during the shooting. I'm having a lot of fun in drama. The filming studio has such a nice atmosphere and I hope this energy to get delivered to the viewers too. I will try my best to give you satisfaction by stealing illegal money, so please give a lot of attention to the drama!"f(x) KrystalMeanwhile, 'Player' is set to premiere its first episode on September 29 10:20 PM KST.

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= OCN Player, 'OCN.TV' Facebook)

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