PENTAGON E'DAWN & YANAN Take a Temporary Break from All Activities

Aug 22, 2018

PENTAGON E'DAWN & YANAN Take a Temporary Break from All Activities
K-pop boy group PENTAGON's members E'DAWN and YANAN will be taking a temporary break from all promotional activities.

On August 22, PENTAGON's management agency CUBE Entertainment released a short notice stating, "PENTAGON will temporarily continue its promotional activities as a 8-member group without E'DAWN and YANAN."

They explained, "As for E'DAWN, his activities will temporarily be put on hold, and YANAN will focus on receiving treatment and taking some rest in order to recover his health. We deeply apologize for delivering such news."E'DAWN and YANANAfter the announcement, a lot of fans have been flooding online with questions asking the agency for more details regarding the sudden news.

They are expressing unsatisfactory towards the agency for not revealing the specific reason why E'DAWN is taking a break, and details of YANAN's health issues.

Also, they are asking for information on when about their return will be.

At the moment, fans are speculating whether if E'DAWN's break has to do with the fact that he admitted his relationship with solo artist HyunA when their agency initially told the media that they were not dating each other.

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E'DAWN and YANANPreviously in the beginning of August, CUBE Entertainment announced that E'DAWN and YANAN were not going to be participating in the group's first fan club event 'UNIBIRTHDAY' that was held on August 11.

At that time, they said, "E'DAWN is unable to attend the event due to internal issues, and YANAN has a non-adjustable schedule."E'DAWN and YANANMany fans are shocked to hear the news, and hope to get information on the reasons for the break of the two members as well as how long their break will be.

(Lee Narin, Credit= CUBE Entertainment) 

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