Yoon Du Jun Shares a Heartfelt Letter about His Abrupt Enlistment News

Aug 22, 2018

Yoon Du Jun Shares a Heartfelt Letter about His Abrupt Enlistment News
K-pop boy group Highlight's member/actor Yoon Du Jun has confirmed his military enlistment and shared his impression through a letter.

On August 22, Yoon Du Jun's management agency Around US Entertainment officially confirmed that Yoon Du Jun recently received the enlistment notice and begins his mandatory military duty on August 24.Yoon Du JunThe agency stated, "He himself was surprised by this abrupt enlistment notice. Yoon Du Jun decided to finish is his drama with his strong mind and then leave to serve his duty as a citizen of the nation."

It also added that the exact location or time of his enlistment will not be announced as Yoon Du Jun wishes to enlist quietly.

Yoon Du Jun delivered his apology and expressed gratitude to his fans by a hand-written letter.Yoon Du JunHe wrote, "You guys are surprised, right? I'm surprised too. Not as much as you though. I'm leaving too sudden to serve duty of national defense in my late age. On the other hand, I'm glad to get a load off my mind that I have always wanted to do so earlier."Yoon Du JunYoon Du Jun continued, "I was so honored and grateful to get your support and cheering for such long time. Now, it's time for the third chapter of my life. Thank you, and I'm sorry to all my members, families, friends, employees of my company, and the drama production team. Please take care."Yoon Du JunLastly, Yoon Du Jun expressed gratitude to his fans by saying, "And finally, my fans, you should care your health as your first priority. I hope you to be the happiest ones of the moment. Thank you and good bye."

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= 'ent_aroundus' Instagram, Around US Entertainment)

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