Fans Are Not Happy with EXO's 3D Figures

Aug 22, 2018

Fans Are Not Happy with EXO's 3D Figures
Fans are expressing disappointment towards K-pop boy group EXO's latest merchandise―a 3D figure of each member.

Recently, a Korean convenience store started exclusive sales for EXO's 3D figures.

However, fans pointed out that the figures do not resemble EXO members' actual appearance, and that they are overpriced.
EXO 3D FiguresEXO 3D FiguresIf you purchase a single figure, the package includes a photo card, figure stand, name badge and poster for 99,000 won (approximately 88 dollars).

Buying the full set of entire nine EXO members will cost about 890,000 won (approximately 794 dollars) in total.

Considering the fact that EXO's fans are mostly teenagers, the price is definitely quite expensive.
EXO 3D FiguresEXO 3D FiguresFans also claimed that the appearance of the figures does not resemble the members at all.

They commented, "They all look way different from real EXO members.", "The figures are overpriced when they're made by machines, not by a famous craftsman or something.", and more.
EXO 3D FiguresThe amount of figures is reportedly limited to 50,000 pieces, and they will be delivered to customers some time in October.

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