VIDEO: MXM Shouts Out, "YA YA YA"!

Aug 22, 2018

VIDEO: MXM Shouts Out, "YA YA YA"!
K-pop boy group MXM has returned with the first full album 'MORE THAN EVER'.

On August 21 episode of SBS MTV 'The Show', MXM revealed two tracks from the group's latest album 'MORE THAN EVER'.

On this episode, MXM performed a hip-hop dance track 'CHECKMATE' and chill trap track 'YA YA YA'.MXM'CHECKMATE' is a song written by both of the members―Im Young-min and Kim Dong-hyun.

It is a song that brings out a different side of the two members to their past image.

In previous songs, they gave off an image of innocent young guys, but in this song, they seem much more mature and masculine.

The title track 'YA YA YA' starts off the song with frisky piano sounds that make you smile.

Here, the dance moves perfectly match the sounds, which make you feel even happier while watching MXM perform.

The song sounds rather simple, but it contains groovy trap beats that make you addicted to the song.

Check out MXM enthusiastically performing 'CHECKMATE' and 'YA YA YA' above!

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS MTV The Show)

(SBS Star)