BTS 'IDOL': Korean Traditional Elements Implemented in the Teaser

Aug 23, 2018

BTS 'IDOL': Korean Traditional Elements Implemented in the Teaser
K-pop boy group BTS fired its comeback by unveiling the much-anticipated title track 'IDOL' music video teaser.

This time, BTS brought out the Korean traditional elements in the newest concept, and many international fans are wondering what they actually are.

Here are some explanations for BTS' 'IDOL' teaser and its concept.
BTS IDOL TeaserFirst, the tiger shown at the beginning of the video represents Korea.

Tiger, a sacred animal in Korean culture, is a symbol representing the country itself.
근역강산맹호기상도, 호돌이, 황의조 (연합)The shape of Korean peninsula resembles a tiger crawling upwards, and the animal was also a mascot of '1988 Seoul Olympic Games' and a symbol for the national soccer team.
BTS IDOL TeaserBTS IDOL TeaserSecond, all seven members are wearing Hanbok, the traditional Korean attire.

By choosing traditional outfits for the upcoming music video, it seems like BTS wants to add strong traditional Korean elements for its comeback.
BTS IDOL Teaser부산 동래부 동헌 (연합)Third, the music video set resembles 'Giwa' style of traditional Korean architecture.

'Giwa', a traditional roof style of Korea, consists of wooden framework and dark navy-colored ceramic roof tiles.
BTS IDOL TeaserFourth, on 00:32 mark of the video, you can hear the member singing 'dung-gi-duk-koong-deo-reo-reok' which is a generic rhythm of 'Samulnori', a traditional Korean percussion music.

'Eeol-ssu' is a thing called 'Chu-imsae', a part when a drummer or audience say in between the musical performance to lift up the mood.
BTS IDOL TeaserLast but not least, JUNGKOOK's cough at the very end of the video is also a 'Korean thing'.

It could be interpreted as a habit of a 'Yangban', gentry ruling class of Joseon Dynasty―as a Yangban used to cough instead of saying something to let people know his appearance.

Meanwhile, the full music video of 'IDOL' will be unveiled on August 24 alongside BTS' repackaged album 'LOVE YOURSELF 結 Answer' release.

Until then, check out the teaser below!

(Credit= 'ibighit' YouTube, Yonhap News Agency)

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