Jay Park Reveals the Secret Behind the Picture Taken with Beyonce

Aug 23, 2018

Jay Park Reveals the Secret Behind the Picture Taken with Beyonce
Korean-American hip-hop artist Jay Park revealed an interesting story behind the picture that he took with American singer Beyoncé.

On August 22 episode of MBC's variety show 'Radio Star', Jay Park reminisced about the time when he encountered Beyoncé earlier this year.

Previously in January, Jay Park attended Roc Nation's 2018 pre-GRAMMYs Brunch that was held in New York City.

▶ [SBS Star] Jay Park Meets Beyonce and JAY-Z Couple in New York City!Jay ParkRoc Nation is an entertainment company founded by JAY-Z, and they manage artists including Rihanna, DJ Khaled, J.Cole, and many more.

In July 2017, Jay Park became the first Asian-American to sign with Roc Nation.Jay ParkDuring the talk on 'Radio Star', Jay Park said, "I met JAY-Z and Beyoncé for the first time at that event. There were only celebrities at the event, except for Beyoncé, who brought along a bodyguard with her."

He continued, "We had an eye contact, so I said, 'Hi.', then she told me, 'Oh, I know you. You are really good.' I was surprised that she knew me."Jay ParkThis is when Jay Park revealed he was lucky and special one to have taken a picture with Beyoncé, "So, I asked if I could take a picture with her. Without hesitation, she agreed to take a picture with me."

He added, "One of my buddies saw me taking a picture with her, and asked for a picture as well. My friend was also a hip-hop artist, but her bodyguard refused his request right away."Jay ParkMeanwhile, Jay Park unveiled a new album 'ASK ABOUT ME' on July 20, which is the first time for him to release an album after signing with Roc Nation.

The album includes seven different unique tracks, including the title track 'SEXY 4 EVA', and the fifth track 'YACHT' features one of Roc Nation's artists Vic Mensa.

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