Lee Kwang Soo & Shin Ha Kyun's Upcoming Film Finished Shooting

Aug 23, 2018

Lee Kwang Soo & Shin Ha Kyun's Upcoming Film Finished Shooting
Korean actors Lee Kwang Soo, Shin Ha Kyun and actress Esom just finished the filming of their new movie.

On August 17, the movie 'My Special Brother' (literal title) officially cranked up after 3-month shooting.

'My Special Brother' is a human comedy movie that tells the story of two best friends, who have been together like brothers for 20 years even though they are not related.

The film has been anticipated by the novel combination of two lead actors with strong characteristics―Lee Kwang Soo and Shin Ha Kyun.Lee Kwang Soo and Shin Ha KyunLee Kwang Soo takes the lead as 'Dong-goo', who is not very smart, but has outstanding athletic abilities.

On the other hand, Shin Ha Kyun will play the role of 'Se-ha', who is brainy but not as physically fit as 'Dong-goo'.Lee Kwang Soo and Shin Ha KyunDuring the shooting, it is said that Lee Kwang Soo, Shin Ha Kyun and another main lead Esom wowed the fellow actors and staffs with their sharp acting.

Three of them have been together like families for three months, so they shared their bittersweet impressions on the last day of filming.

Lee Kwang Soo commented, "I am always sad whenever I have to say bye to every shooting scenes but personally, I think this time will linger on my mind longer."Lee Kwang SooShin Ha Kyun said, "I'm sad that we are not meeting for the shooting anymore, but it was very happy and pleasant time for me."Shin Ha KyunEsom also added, "I will miss the studio a lot. The atmosphere was so warm just like its movie. All staff members and actors will live in my memory for a long time."EsomMeanwhile, 'My Special Brother' is now scheduled to focus on the post-production stage after the crank up.

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= NEW)

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