Red Velvet IRENE's Haircut Is On-Trend in North Korea!

Aug 24, 2018

Red Velvet IRENE's Haircut  Is On-Trend in North Korea!
K-pop girl group Red Velvet's member IRENE's popularity in North Korea is grabbing attention from public.

On August 23 airing of MBC FM4U's radio show 'The Date with Ji Suk Jin at 2PM' (literal translation), Red Velvet made a guest appearance.Red VelvetDuring the show, the host Ji Suk Jin mentioned Red Velvet's popularity in North Korea.

He said, "Before you come, North Korean defector-turned-BJ (Broadcast Jockey) Han Song-yi appeared on the show. She told me that IRENE's wavy hair style during the performance is now trending in North Korea."

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Ji Suk Jin also added, "One female broker Han Song-yi knows told her that she is recently very popular among soldiers of the borderland because she had IRENE's haircut."Red VelvetIRENE showed her surprise and became greatly pleased to hear the news.Red Velvet IRENEThen IRENE left her message to North Koreans by commenting, "I will keep trying new hairstyles. Thank you for loving my haircut."

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= MBC FM4U The Date with Ji Suk Jin at 2PM, 'RedVelvet' Facebook)

(SBS Star)