'Maze Runner' Ki Hong Lee Cast to Play CIA Agent in Large-scale Korean Drama

Aug 24, 2018

'Maze Runner' Ki Hong Lee Cast to Play CIA Agent in Large-scale Korean Drama
Hollywood Korean-American actor Ki Hong Lee will soon be making small screen debut in Korea with a drama 'Prometheus'.

On August 24, 'Prometheus' revealed that the 'Maze Runner' star Ki Hong Lee has been cast to play the role of a CIA agent in the drama.

They added, "With him acting a Korean-American character, we believe the drama will seem more realistic to the viewers."Ki Hong Lee'Prometheus' is a spy thriller drama with an estimated production cost reportedly exceeding 30 billion won (approximately 28 million dollars), and it is about a complicated political situation caused in different countries after the sudden disappearance of three North Korean scientists.Ki Hong LeePreviously, actress Ha Jiwon, actors Jin Goo, and Park Ki-woong confirmed their appearance in the drama. 

Ki Hong Lee will be playing a character named 'Frank Lee', who disguises himself as a Korean-American tourist to get close to 'Chae Eun-seo' (Ha Jiwon), the leader of a team in charge of dealing with North Korean issues at the National Intelligence Service.

Apparently, Ki Hong Lee was first offered the role eight months ago, but the actor only recently decided to take the offer, because he wanted to make a cautious decision as it is his first time to be acting in a Korean drama.Ki Hong LeeWhen some details regarding the production for 'Prometheus' was first announced, many Koreans showed their excitement as the drama consisted of an amazing lineup of actors/actresses as well as large-scale production.

'Prometheus' is aiming to unveil its episodes in the first half of 2019.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 21st Century Fox Korea, 'kihonglee' Instagram)

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