Ryu Hwa Young Opens Up About Abusive Relationship with LJ

Aug 24, 2018

Ryu Hwa Young Opens Up About Abusive Relationship with LJ
An idol-turned-actress Ryu Hwa Young has spoken up about her relationship with entertainer LJ.

Recently, Ryu Hwa Young swept up in dating rumors with LJ after he posted several photos of the two on his social media account.

In the photos, Ryu Hwa Young and LJ were seen having meals together and enjoy swimming during their vacation, and LJ claimed that they were dating for the past two years.
Ryu Hwa Young, LJHowever, Ryu Hwa Young's management agency Imagine Asia immediately denied their relationship.

On August 24, Ryu Hwa Young sat down for an interview telling her own side of the story.

She stated that they had not dated for years but instead she had been involved in an extremely negative and abusive relationship with LJ, and that she had been trying to escape from it.

Ryu said, "It's been about a year since I got to know him. He was very nice to me, and he confessed his romantic feeling for me for about two months ago. There I became interested in him, spending times to consider our relationship."

She explained, "However, due to violent, excessively possessive nature of him, I came to a conclusion that it was not a good idea for us to be in a romantic relationship. I tried to remain on good terms with him as acquaintances, but he started to stop eating and threatened me to commit suicide."
Ryu Hwa YoungShe continued, "He began threatening that he would call reporters and let them write articles about our relationship, and he even showed up at my house without my permission."

Ryu Hwa Young wrapped up the interview, "I spent countless days crying and trembling in fear. However, I decided to speak up with courage and publicly announce the truth as a woman not to be mistreated. I won't suffer in silence anymore," and said, "As a victim of dating violence, I hope that this kind of thing to never happen again."

She is currently in talks with her agency to take legal actions against LJ.

(Credit= Imagine Asia, 'ltothej00' Instagram)

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