The Top 4 Korean Stars with the Most Followers on Social Media

Aug 24, 2018

The Top 4 Korean Stars with the Most Followers on Social Media
How do stars and fans interact and communicate with each other online?

One of the best ways for stars and fans to interact and communicate with each other online is by using social media.  

Out of many social media platforms, Instagram tends to be most preferred by them these days.InstagramSocial media allows fans to see different sides of their favorite stars to when they are performing on stage, making an appearance on television shows, or acting in movies/dramas.

Then, which Korean stars have the most followers on Instagram?

Shall we take a look at the four stars with the most followers on Instagram?

1. G-DRAGON from boy group BIGBANG

So, a Korean star with the most followers on Instagram is G-DRAGON, the leader of BIGBANG.

Currently, he has 16.1 million followers on his account.

G-DRAGON uploads all kinds of pictures from him traveling abroad to unique artworks.
G-DRAGON2. CHANYEOL from boy group EXO

Next up, it is CHANYEOL from EXO, who boasts 15.1 million followers.

It is notable that he has gained over 15 million followers just in about four years since he made the account in May 2014.

As he frequently uploads pictures/videos, it is easy to check out CHANYEOL's daily life through his Instagram.CHANYEOL3. SEHUN from boy group EXO

Another EXO's member SEHUN turned out to have reached a tremendous number of followers on Instagram.

At the moment, SEHUN has 14.1 million followers on his account.

In the pictures/videos that SEHUN posts, his bright and cute side can be seen, as opposed to his charismatic side on stage.SEHUN4. Actor Lee Jong Suk

Then, Lee Jong Suk came after SEHUN with 13.8 million followers.

Out of all actors in Korea, he has the most followers on Instagram.

He likes posting pictures of himself, and his gorgeous pictures make fans keep coming back to his Instagram even when there is no update.Lee Jong Suk(Lee Narin, Credit= Instagram, 'xxxibgdrgn' 'real__pcy' 'oohsehun' 'jongsuk0206' Instagram)

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