VIDEO: IMFACT Gives Impactful Stage of 'NANANA'

Aug 24, 2018

VIDEO: IMFACT Gives Impactful Stage of 'NANANA'
K-pop boy group IMFACT has returned with an addictive track.

On August 21 episode of SBS MTV 'The Show', IMFACT made a comeback stage with 'NANANA', which is the group's second digital single track.IMFACT'NANANA' is a song filled with highly addictive chorus and intensive sounds that can almost make the track a syndrome to the listeners.IMFACTThis track tells the story of IMFACT members' youth just like the previous title track 'The Light'.

'NANANA' is a deep house genre song which consists of speedy beat, emotional chord playing, and poetic lyrics.IMFACTIMFACTLyrically, IMFACT members express their fears to forget their ex-lover and they sing, "NANANA I'm anxious every night. NANANA I'm nothing without you."IMFACTOn this day, IMFACT members showed off their skillful live performances with their masculine low tone voices.

The contrast of powerful performance and sorrowful eyes of the members made a massive impact on the viewers like their group's name.

Check out IMFACT's emotional stage below!

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= SBS MTV The Show)          

(SBS Star)