EXO SEHUN & gugudan MINA's Upcoming Film Releases Posters

Aug 27, 2018

EXO SEHUN & gugudan MINA's Upcoming Film Releases Posters
K-pop boy group EXO's member SEHUN, girl group gugudan's member MINA and other cast are raising sense of expectancy to their upcoming film.

On August 27, an upcoming film 'Dokgo Rewind' unveiled official posters featuring main characters.

SEHUN took the lead of the play with the role 'Kang Hyuk', who is a righteous fighter in the area who cannot stand seeing anyone being bullied.

In the first poster of 'Kang Hyuk', SEHUN is spotted having a fierce fighting under heavy rain.EXO SEHUNIn the following poster, SEHUN is gazing into the dark with intense eyes.EXO SEHUNHis sorrowful eye gaze deeply touch the viewers' heart and make them wonder what will happen to the character.

Also, 'Dokgo Rewind' released official posters featuring four leads of the cast.SEHUN, MINA, Ahn Bo Hyun, Cho Byeong KyuIn the poster, SEHUN is showing different charisma from the previous one-person posters and MINA is bringing out innocent and pure charm of as a high school girl. 

Since the image of the poster is from actual scenes of the film, it realistically delivers the enthusiastic and immersed emotion of the actor/actress.

Through the unveiled posters, 'Dokgo Rewind' is establishing public's attention once again as a movie of whole new genre named 'stylish action'.

Meanwhile, 'Dokgo Rewind' recently confirmed to premiere on September 7.

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= Samhwa Networks)

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